Professional steel constructions and their tests

brak zdjęciaExpom is a company with large experience in the metal industry. The offer of this firm includes high quality products and machines made of metal. The most important elements are davits and cranes used in the offshore and marine industry. Their quality is very high and these are very reliable types of equipment. These steel constructions are made of high class materials that are resistant to corrosion, impacts and other negative factors. The Expom company also performs steel construction static dynamic and NDT tests. These tests are very reliable and they confirm high quality, solidity and long life of davits, cranes and other machines and constructions made of steel. Of course these tests are being performed with the use of the best testing methods. They are not harmful for the steel equipment. It is also important to remember that steel construction static dynamic and NDT tests do not take a lot of time.

Dodane: 2015-01-30

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